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April 2022

Lucio Rossi Design launches the LRD collection.

Starting April 2022, Lucio Rossi Design inaugurates a new chapter by delivering its own brand, Lucio Rossi Design Italy, that will be  a complement for the service driven design platform. This is in a way a come back as the new line has been inspired by the success of the first integral collection for a "home office" was presented in 2017 in Paris.

New designs from 2021-2022 are part of a line that, in despite of the challenging years we're all experiencing, we expect it will grow from the current lineup which is already bigger than the original one. 

The collection has been carefully put toghether with a strong coherence after over a year of hard work  that took several trials, prototypes and concepts. All the pieces are hand made in Italy and will be sold via our own built in webstore and a small group of retailers. The phase one ot the collection (first half of 2022) incorporates audio accessories, ilumination and stationery. For the second half new accessories will be added, collections will be expanded and we expect to be introducing the first furniture pieces.

Check it out here


September 2021

Lucio Rossi Design finalist of Rossana Orlandi's Prize ¨Guiltless Plastic 2021¨

We're happy to announce that our project for a recycled plastic public bench entitled ¨chewin' bench¨, is one of the finalist of the third edition of the Guiltless Plastic Prize, created by famous Milan gallerist Rossana Orlandi. The piece will be exhibited during the RoGUILTLESSPLASTIC exhibition from the 5th to the 10th of September at the Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci at Milan as part of the 2021 Design Week.


September 2021

Lucio Rossi talks @Isola Design District Milan Design Week 2021 

Under the theme ¨design your future¨ Lucio Rossi will talk with Dutch designer Jacco Bregonje and Giulia Viero from Ecor® Europe about new materials, modern challenges on the profession and how a design gets ¨to be¨ among other topics. The talk will be at the Isola Design District, in Milan during the 2021 Milan design week. More @

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April 2021

Lucio Rossi Design won't develop any further the brand "Venvstas Italy".

Press release :


Since  April 2021, Lucio Rossi is not developing any further the brand « Venvstas Italy », a brand that was created and designed  by him in 2019 as a continuation of the “Atelier Venvstas Paris”, a journey that was grounded, undertaken and made in Paris, France in 2015. 
From the start  the concept  was conceived not only as a journey through  writing utensils, but in fact was more than that, a very personal approach on a full collection of lifestyle products that  won't ever see the light  under the Venvstas name. Work on the brand not only included  the design and development of innovative and fresh writing utensils, but also implied a considerable research into materials, branding and  marketing that has set new standards. Starting April 2021, Lucio Rossi Design won't be responsible for any communication, social media content, email marketing or any other  marketing or branding or communication campaign or information related to Venvstas Italy. 
To all the fans & collectors, many, many thanks  for all the support and care and understanding, as very soon, new exiting designs, models and products will be available in the market under other brands and our own seal, different to the one above mentioned.  Subscribe in order to get the newest information for new products & releases  that will exclusively and truly carry our design and product philosophy.  


July 2019

Lucio Rossi Design wins two A' Design Awards.

We are happy to announce that Lucio Rossi design has won two A design silver awards for the designs of the Designer 7 (mechanical pencil) and Carbon T (fountain pen) 

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Nov. 2017

Lucio Rossi Design featured in DESIGN magazine China.

Lucio Rossi design has been featured in the November issue of the Chinese magazine DESIGN. An article about the firm and its design philosophy,  featured among the best of the Paris Design Week.

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Nov. 2017

Lucio Rossi Design featured in WOHNREVUE magazine, Switzerland.

A chair design, the Acera by Lucio Rossi design has been featured in the November issue of the Swiss magazine Wohnrevue, as an excerpt from the best of the Paris Design Week. 

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Sept. 2017

Lucio Rossi Design wins second price of the Jacquart design trophy,
Paris Design Week.

We are very pleased to announce that we have won the second price of the Jacquart design trophy during the Paris Design Week, the price was giving for our proposal for a new packaging for one of their champagnes.  


July 2017

Lucio Rossi Design @The Paris Design Week.

We are very pleased to announce you that we have been selected for the Paris Design Week exhibition at la citè de la mode et du design, where we will show a new selection of products and designs. 

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