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7000 Carbontitanium

7000 Carbontitanium

The 7000 Carbon is a cartridge/converter fountain pen with a minimal approach and a strong focus on blending different materials and textures. While most of its construction is in stainless steel, the body is made in linear carbon fiber. Cap, section & body are push-pull to open/close. It utilizes international short/long cartridges or compatible ink converters (one included). Titanium made nibs are optional, a tubular, custom case for protecting the pen is also available as an option.

For customers inside the EU a 22% flat tax will apply at checkout, For purchases outside the EU the shown price is the end price.

  • Details:

    MATERIALS: Stainless steel section and cap, carbon fiber body.
    POINTS: Stainless steel or Titanium number 6 nibs available in fine, medium or broad points.
    DIMENSIONS: Length capped, 155 mm. Diameter, 10/12mm. Weight, between 25g.
    SYSTEM: International (Pelikan type) long/short cartridges or international converters (to use with bottled ink).

    Designed by Lucio Rossi, made in Italy. 

Nib material.
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