Épée  Fountain pen

Épée Fountain pen

Épée (spade) fountain pen, is a new design inspired by the very first fountain pens designed by Lucio Rossi.  The very first designs were inspired in the construction of a tip of a fencing sword, allowing for a very streamlined design. 
An acesory for protecting the pen, as seen in the pictures, the pen case, is optional.

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    MATERIALS:: Stainless steel, resin.  
    POINTS: Stainless steel number 5 nibs available in extra fine/fine/medium & broad.
    DIMENSIONS: Length, 133 mm. Diameter, 9/10mm. Weight, 21g.
    SYSTEM: International (Pelikan type) long/short cartridges or international converters (to use with bottled ink).
    Made in Italy.