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Épée  Fountain pen

Épée Fountain pen

Épée (spade) fountain pen, is a model inspired by the very first fountain pens designed by Lucio Rossi. In the search for a design that could reflect the dimensions of the 2mm mechanical pencils, any traditional way of constructing a pen was discarded and instead, the solution was to use very small screws for connecting all the components. The first prototypes were made using screws that were coming directly from the tip of one of LR's own fencing swords....

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    MATERIALS:  Stainless steel, resin. (carbon fiber as an option)
    POINTS: Stainless steel number 5 nibs available in extra fine/fine/medium & broad.   
    DIMENSIONS: Length, 133 mm. Diameter, 9/10mm. Weight, 21g.
    SYSTEM: International (Pelikan type) long/short cartridges or international converters (to use with bottled ink).

    Designed by Lucio Rossi, made in Italy. 

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