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Compact, adjustable table lamp specially developed for fitting in reduced spaces like small home desks or night tables.

The body and tilting, rotating head, are both made in recycled, lacquered plastic. It is available in 4 different, exclusive finishes: matte white, varano red, metallic purple and Argentina's blue.
The lamp can be easily assembled/disassembled without any tools or even instructions. Light is provided by a G9, standard led bulb, that allows for practical, easy replacement allowing a longer product life cycle with further light  choices. All materials are recyclable.
Ships within 1-2 weeks. Special release price first series.

Designer by Lucio Rossi.


  • Details

    Desk lamp in recycled, lacquered plastic, aluminum and stainless steel. 
    Electronics: G9 led lamp, ceramic socket, on/off switch.
    Dimensions: Length, 480mm, diameter, 160mm, height 250mm.
    Weight: 1,00kg
    Lamp tilts and rotates.
    Design by Lucio Rossi 2023

    Hand crafted in Italy.

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