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3-Pop Collectible edition

3-Pop Collectible edition

Similar to the 3-Pop the, Collectible edition has the same dimensions but it's all  made in aluminumm. It's a compact, adjustable table lamp specially developed for fitting in reduced spaces like small home desks or night tables.

The body and tilting, rotating head, are both made in aluminum with a polished finishing. 

The lamp can be easily assembled/disassembled without any tools or even instructions. Light is provided by a G9, standard led bulb, that allows for practical, easy replacement allowing a longer product life cycle with further light  choices. All materials are recyclable.
Ships within 3-4 weeks. Special release price first series.

Designer by Lucio Rossi.


  • Details

    Desk lamp in  aluminum and stainless steel. 
    Electronics: G9 led lamp, ceramic socket, on/off switch.
    Dimensions: Length, 480mm, diameter, 160mm, height 250mm.
    Weight: 2,00kg
    Lamp tilts and rotates.
    Design by Lucio Rossi 2023

    Hand crafted in Italy.

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