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Designer 7 by LRD

Designer 7 by LRD

This is a NOS/Re-edition limited to just 15 pieces of the Designer 7, designed and produced in Paris from 2015 to 2018, the pencil that started all, the first product ever designed and released by LR. Current Designer lines are made with a different mechanism and construction principles that have made to change quite the look. The construction and logic behind are different, while the designer 567 and 568 are made with screws, the D7 is all assembled by pressure and a series of inner clutches with a different spring position. This very limited, micro series are totally hand made out of new old stock components that have been kept as spares or as surplus from previous batches. The brushed finish of the brass body with the signature cuts have all been made by hand. The pencil is shipped on a custom, aluminum case, that will enhance its exclusivity, along with a small brochure that will tell its story and a signed authenticity certificate.

For customers inside the EU a 22% flat tax will apply at checkout, For purchases outside the EU the shown price is the end price.

  • Details:

    MATERIALS: Stainless steel, brass and  aluminum.  
    DIMENSIONS: Length, 155 mm. Diameter, 7mm.
    ​​​​​​​WEIGHT: 25g
    FINISH: Hand brushed for maximun grip.
    SYSTEM: 2mm clutch.  

    Made in Italy/France.

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