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The “Ink Machine” represents the culmination of a series of designs and studies into filling mechanisms, clean shapes and an overall look into the future of fountain pens. The result is a unique object with a complete new aesthetic, capable of a massive 2.0 ml ink capacity, holder of a perfect balance and a constant section of 11mm for great freedom of use. Safety is assured by four inner o-rings in its unique piston filler mechanism, one that makes for a stunning writing/drawing instrument with no match on design nor innovation in the fountain pen arena. The Ink machine is hand made in Italy in very limited quantities.

For customers inside the EU a 22% flat tax will apply at checkout, For purchases outside the EU the shown price is the end price.

  • Details:

    MATERIALS:  Marine grade Stainless Steel body and cap. Brushed body, polished finish cap and piston.  
    POINTS: Stainless steel  number 6 nibs in brushed finish, available in fine, medium or broad points.
    DIMENSIONS: Diameter, 11mm, length, 135mm, caped 150mm. Weight: 28g
    SYSTEM: Ink Machine power filler. Piston filler, 2.0ml ink capacity. 

    Designed by Lucio Rossi, made in Italy. 

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