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Seminar/Webinar N°1

Seminar/Webinar N°1

Seminar/Webinar N°1: Design as an art and a business.
Intensive online workshop. (Beta)

Approx. total hours: 8.

Development: The course will be developed in a series of modules called focuses, where each one will last for about a week. A lecture will kick-off the focus and a task will be handed in. The course won't be readily available all at once. One focus will follow another. A “Focus” is a module of the course, we have 5. Focus 1 - Basics. Theory, design and architecture literacy. Focus 2 – Design analysis, critic. Focus 3 – Design methods, design as a mental construction. Focus 4 - Who are we producing for? / What's the market? / How many “markets” are there? Focus 5 – Introduction to advanced design. technologies, digital fabrication, equipment overview, software. Topics to be touched in the 5 focuses: -Architecture/Urban design. -Interior design -Industrial design/Product design. -Graphic design, UI/UX -Marketing -Branding -Business model/Business plan -Financing/Clients/Investors.

IMPORTANT: By downloading the file you'll have acces to a presentation document with additional information, and starting the first of decemeber you'll recieve via email the first information and link to the first lecture.
Pricing is promotional, since the course is NEW and BETA, profit the chance !

NOTE: If the system ads tax, since it's not a physical product, any TAX/VAT will be refunded.  ONLY  50 SLOTS AVAILABLE.
Starts 1st december, for any questions, click here.

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