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Ultra is not just a fountain pen, it is a design statement and LRD's latest. It is a cartridge/converter fountain pen made in a very limited micro edition, since only a total of 25 pieces in three different variants will be produced, from where, only 4 with 18k gold nibs. The pen has several unique features, as, the new “Designer” inspired grip, unique cap with an angle change, and an overall innovative construction in carbon that makes for a very eye catching object.
Stainless steel F and XF and gold B, EF and F points are made with the Jowo “arrow” nib shape, the M in steel has a different Jowo design with a series of drills. All these nibs are excellent writers and can be seen in the pictures. The reason for such a choice and small quantity has to do with a small quantity of NOS nibs that are not anymore in production, therefore, we wanted to do something special with them. The Ultra is a collectible object, part of MyIcons collection.

All the versions of the Ultra are shipped with a protective pen case, a signed certificate of authenticity and a copy of the plans and sketches that were used for production.

  • Details:

    MATERIALS: Linear carbon fiber body and cap, stainless steel and resin components.
    POINTS: Stainless steel or  18k gold in EF/F/M and B (only in gold) 
    DIMENSIONS: Length capped, 155 mm. Diameter,  12mm. Weight, 30g.
    SYSTEM: International (Pelikan type) long/short cartridges or international converters (to use with bottled ink).
    Cap do post. 

    Designed by Lucio Rossi, made in Italy. 

Nib material.
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