Lucio Rossi Design / the home office  collection.

Although most of my projects are heavily computer driven, some may just be the opposite and go for a long while on paper. For those ones, in the past, I made my own designing tools, this is, pencils and pens. I've never quite liked what's on the market, and that prompted me to materialize what I wanted to use.

Eventually I started to develop them in the shape of collections and the whole idea picked in 2017, in Paris, in the design week, in the form of a “home office concept” that was not anymore only about writing instruments, but it was mainly about an integral design idea that also grouped lighting, furniture and electronics.
The corona crisis is making 2017 to look even more distant now, therefore I put myself in 21 into thinking what would be that collection now, how could it be better and what's the new message it should carry, And the message is one that is about a restart we all need, by letting the past go and move on.

2022 starts challenging, even more this time, and it is difficult to sit down and create in such a context, to go back to 2017 which already looks like a different world, but it is needed, so I have put together some little but powerful designs in the form of an all new writing collection (Le Phénix), some lighting pieces and accessories that are now available, that are a glimpse of what it's planned for a brighter future that's just around the corner....later this year.


LRD – Enjoy your Future Now.


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writing instruments 

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