Scary monsters

They are monsters. Sometimes they are. Why it has to be a shape when we even don't want to put a shape or a form on things? Eventually there is a form. We live in a designed reality where by deliberated design, by thinking, by acting, we transform what surround us, by necessity, by being with nothing better to do. The same is for evolution, if its directed, if its not, doesn't matters. Nature design and so we design, with the same parameters, with similar ones or by no means of any similarity; We finish with monsters sometimes, as nature has them. Maybe when an organism reaches perfection it won't evolve any longer to any other form, is the conditions of the environment they remain similar over time. So architecture has mutants by being part, or the physical reflection of human activities. What is left, the body of the activities is what is left, sometimes the only remaining of societies, civilizations they do not exist anymore. Its also a very obvious way archaeologists and anthropologists they have found to set something they pretend to be the history of humanity. A history that is more about a succession of oblivion, so they don't know nothing, where the architectural remain is just brutal. Defensive structures, palaces and temples. Images of power, domination and oppression, scary monsters, that they tell about the brutality of the times, and the alienation of the always eternal common man that is used to construct, erect and die for reasons that are not the ones that are said by the moment the action begins. Still is like this.

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